President of Russia espouses construction of bridge over Lena river on terms of concession


During the talk with Vladimir Putin Egor Borisov called the attention of the official to the need for financial support of the bridge construction over Lena river and its integration into the Federal Action Programme (FAP) “Russian Transport Infrastructure Development in 2020-2030”, according to the website of the region’s governor.

Yakutia’s Head explained that the construction of the republic’s all-year backbone transport network with an access to Russia-wide network includes such major projects as the completion of the ‘Tommot – Nijny Bestyah’ railroad, the erection of the bridge over Lena river in Yakutsk, and well-timed road design and reconstruction.

Bridge erection is listed as one of the top projects of the Russian Transport Strategy with national importance. The bridge will allow to integrate central, eastern and western districts covering over 83% of the population in the area of year-round transport support, to ensure a year-round continuous supply in lieu of a seasonal one, to decrease cost up to 30%, and boost the turnover of funds of all sectors of economy and social services.

Let us recall that Yakutia addressed the request to the Russian Government in 2015 for raising the possibility of attraction of foreign investments in order to boost the bridge erection. According to the third session of the Intergovernmental Russian-Chinese committee on investment cooperation in 24 June 2016 in Beijing, the bridge construction plan was listed as the joint Russian-Chinese investment project.

Egor Borisov addressed the request to Vladimir Putin for to instruct Transport, Economic Development and Trade, and Finance Ministry for to provide federal funding upon the FAP “Russian Transport Infrastructure Development in 2020-2030” from 2020.

The President of Russia stated that he espoused the idea of bridge construction on terms of concession with attraction of Chinese investors. He instructed the First Vice Premier of the Russian Government Igor Shuvalov to show the progress in this issue and give a report.



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