Heavy rains flooded Even-Bytantaisk district in Yakutia


Even-Bytantaisk district was flooded due to heavy incessant rains. Hay producers were particularly affected as downpours destroyed all fodder reserve. The situation remains dire, according to Ivan Gorohov, the Head of the municipal unit. 

“All agricultural lands are flooded. We try our best to pass the water and to reinforce the dike. All fodder reserve was carried away by the high waters”, – the head of the district mentioned.

In view of this, hay harvest rate is 0%. Things were getting worse beginning last week. “People are leaving their farmlands as they can’t wait any more. They are panic-stricken as water is everywhere. Russian Hydrometeorological Centre reported that dry weather was expected in the next 5 days but it’s still raining. We have never seen so much rain before. The water isolated many settlements there”, – Ivan Gorokhov said.



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