Konstantin Tsitsin: Yakutia has time to achieve objectives upon relocation program


The program on relocation of citizens from unfit housing facilities in Yakutia is being realized, according to Konstantin Tsitsin, the Director of the Russian Housing and Utility Reform Foundation.

“We have enough time to achieve stated objectives. About 20 thousand people have been relocated from failing and old housing stocks since 2008. It’s just a small town. Yakutia is listed as one of 9 regions with the biggest number of condemned buildings that complicates planning and contracting. We undestand the situation and discussed it with the Head and the Government. I hope we’ll fix problems it in a short time. 30 thousand people are expected to be relocated till 1 September 2017″, – Konstantin Tsitsin stated after the joint meeting of the Yakutian Government and the Foundation’s front office.

Before he mentioned that there was a need to create a joint working group in Yakutia which was to control the realization of the relocation program. All these actions are intended to result the situation where Yakutia will fulfil all commitments on housing delivery in the volume of 500 thousand square meters and relocate 30 thousand residents who currently live in failing housing stocks.




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