Kolyma highway incident: The bridge over Elga river is repaired


The road traffic is reopened on the bridge over the Elga river on the Kolyma highway, according to Sergey Vladimirov, the Deputy Minister of Transport and Road Facilities, who said it in a telephone interview from the reconstruction site.  

“Two-way traffic was reopened yesterday at 10 a.m. This situation generated lots of buzz before but it has stabilized”, – the Ministry’s representative said.

Currently, there are some trucks on the bank of the river where drivers left them.

Sergey Vladimirov stated that the road traffic on the bridge is arranged on the temporary basis. The contracting organization “Dortrans” proceeds with banking.

Let us recall that the washaway of the bridge approach over the Elga river on the Kolyma highway happened at 9:30, July 13. The cause is the abnormal amount of rain in the Oimyakon district and the sharp rise of the water level.



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