New water intake structure to be built in Yakutsk in May 2018


The construction of a new intake structure in the area of Yakutsk is to be finished in May 2018. So far, the water intake chamber is almost done, according to the press center of the Yakutia’s Ministry of Housing and Energy. 

“We plan to reach an end point on deepening of the intake chamber by the 1st of August”, – the Ministry said.

According to Sergey Tereshatov, the engineer-in-chief of the project of the Tahal Consulting Engineers Ltd, the work continues as planned and includes pit excavation, the installation of a ground plate and walls. The strengthening of toes and geotextile laying are already finished.

The intake structure is scheduled to become operational in May 2018.

The water intake is constructed in 2 steps, an intake chamber and a water treatment station. It was decided to use sodium hypochlorite instead of chloride in water cleaning.

“It’s widely known that a technology with the use of liquid chlorine is extremely dangerous and unwanted. Many big cities refuse it. Sodium hypochlorite will be produced in Yakutsk, and that’s significanly lower in cost than to deliver it from another town. The technology is safe itself as hypochlorite is made of common salt by electrolysis”, – Sergey Bolotin, the engineer of the project from Vodokanal.



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