Yana highway: Temp detour roads to be repaired late this week


Incessant rains in Yakutia caused washaway on temporary detour roads of the highway “Yana” laid next to its damage sites. Road engineers are expected to repair roads and open truck traffic by the end of the week. 

“One can go by car along the highway but it’s complicated by conduit pipes laid in the points of fracture”, – The Ministry of Transport’s representative said to the YSIA.

As the Ministry informed, the contracting organization “Dortrans” attempted to repair road bits “84km”, “87 km” and “125 km” but the water level rose in local rivers and detour roads were washed away.

So far, road engineers do their best to repair road bits “44 km” and “54km” in order to open the heavy vehicle traffic to the main sites of damage. The full transportation is to be maintained by the end of the week but it depends on the rate of fall in water level.



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