Yakutian boxer Vasily Egorov was defeated in Rio


Yakutian boxer Vasily Egorov was dropped out of the Games in Rio as he lost out to 20-year Niko Miguel Hernandez from the USA. It was the young athlete’s first appearance at the Olympics. 

“It was a nice fight, as for me. Vasily fared very well, the American threw some punches at him. We had to win the first round but referees gave victory to Hernandez”, – Alexander Lebzyak, the Russian team’s head coach, said in the interview.

It was the first appearance of Vasily Egorov at the Olympic Games ever. He competed against one of the youngest participants of the competition, Niko Hernandez, who had won Manuel Cappai, a strong boxer from Italy, in 1/16 final.

Egorov threw several accurate punches, the American boxer blocked half of them. Hernandez kept a lower profile and attacked less. Much to regret of Russian team, side referees gave the victory to the boxer from the USA (10:9, 10:9, 9:10).

Next round was hard enough for Vasily Egorov, as he missed some attacks. Once he was highly pressed by the opponent. The referees voted for Niko Hernandez. Yakutian fighter strived for the victory in last round and blocked the attacks. However, the victory was given to Niko Hernandez. So, Vasily Egorov was dropped out of the Olympic Games in Rio.




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