Yury Kupriyanov: ‘Tommot-Nerungri-Yakutsk’ facility to startup in 2018


Yury Kupriyanov, the Chief of the Administration of the Head and Government acting for Yakutia’s First Vice Premier, summed up the the results of out-of-home session of the Cabinet in the village of Nijni Bestyah. The development of Megino-Kangalass district was discussed first.

“We, primarily, discussed the development of transport and logistic center of the district. We didn’t concentrate on costs, we considered timescales for cabinet decisions and Head’s decrees referred to the transportation hub. We decided that the agreement on bridge construction on terms of concession is to be signed on 1 July 2017. The startup facility ‘Tommot-Nerungri-Yakutsk’ is to be launched by 1 January 2018”, – Yury Kupriyanov elaborated.

He announced plans to build protective structures at the bank of the river and to construct a new wharf in Nijni Bestyah.

“We strive to develop all the infrastructure in the district, we intend to construct a health resort facility and a kindergarten in the villages of Abalah and Tehtur accordingly. Besides, we plan to build three more kindergartens there. We discussed a new Culture centre in Maia, a big school in Nijni Bestyah in case of including into the federal programme. It’s all about the future. We expect Nijni Bestyah to transform much and become an important part of Yakutsk”, – Yury Kupriyanov added.



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