Korea’s Bae Chang Ho to head jury of 4th Yakutsk International Film Festival


Korean director and scriptwriter Bae Chang Ho was selected as head juror for the main competition at the 4th Yakutsk International Film Festival to start in the capital of the republic on August 17. Irina Engelis, a film festival’s coordinator, told YSIA about it and shared some details about this event.

Irina Engelis reported that Korean director and scriptwriter Bae Chang Ho was selected as the chairman of the jury for the main competition. Gulnara Abikeeva, the famous Kazakhstan’s film expert and the president of Kazakhstan’s Film Critics Association, will head the jury for the documentary film competition. We also learned that the programming director for international film festivals Alexey Medvedev is in charge of the main competition.

4th Yakutsk International Film Festival will be held on August 17-21 in the capital of the republic. 60 motion pictures will be showed in the big hall of the Sakha Academic Theatre. The authors of the films are cinematographers from France, Belgium, Finland, Columbia, Mongolia, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and, naturally, Russia. It should be noted that after the screenings foreign guests will be open to discussion with filmgoers.

The film festival programme includes the main competition, documentary film competition, out of competition and special screenings. The central topics of the event – place of national culture in contemporary world, complex path of human identification, and integration of tradition into global context.

Feature film competition:

  1. Road to Istanbul by Rachid Bouchareb (France-Belgium)
  2. My Killer by Kostas Marsan (Russia, Yakutia)
  3. Embrace of The Serpent by Ciro Guerra (Columbia)
  4. Sodura by Zhargalsaikhan (Mongolia)
  5. Sutak by Mirlan Abdykalykov (Kyrgyzstan)
  6. Snow Paths by Kim Hee-jung (South Korea)
  7. Ferrum by Prokopy Burtsev (Russia, Yakutia)
  8. Cold Front by Roman Volobuev (Russia)
  9. The Plague At The Karatas Village by Adilkhan Yerzhanov (Kazakhstan)

Documentary film competition:

  1. 24 Snow by Mihail Barynin (Russia, Yakutia)
  2. Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest by Katja Gauriloff (Finland)
  3. Letters from Pamir by Janyl Zhusupzhan (Kyrgyzstan)
  4. Sea Grass Collectors by Maria Murashova (Russia)
  5. Mistress Plague by Evdokia Izbekova and Galina Raevskaya (Russia, Yakutia)
  6. Frozen Frontier by Mikael Strandberg (Sweden)
  7. Chisty List by Aina Meredova (Russia)
  8. Shenekhenskaya tsaritsa by Anastasia Zverkova (Russia, Buryatia)

The 4th Yakutsk International Film Festival is aimed to promote cultural exchange and creative cooperation between filmmakers from entire world. Its president is Eduard Pichugin, the Head of Lenfilm pictures.



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