Egor Borisov: The bridge over Lena river to be erected by 2022


The bridge over the Lena river is essential for the development of republic as it is meant to create transport and logistic hubs and get the matter through delivery of goods to the Northern territories. So far, Yakutia is cooperating with Chinese companies, which revealed their interest to this project. 

“Two Chinese state companies got interested in this project: Sinohydro Corporation, the subsidiary of PowerChina, and China Railway Corporation acting through its Bridge Engineering Bureau Group and Chinese State Construction Engineering Corporation. We expect this year to select a financial model and an investor, to start the development of the project in 2017, to construct the bridge in 2018, and to put it into operation in 2022”, – the Head of Yakutia Egor Borisov claimed in his TASS interview.

So far, the foreign companies have already collected data during the working visit to Yakutia. The data is being analyzed, the engineering design and aggregate costs upon the erection of the bridge are being considered .

“It’s too early to discuss specific costs of the project as it hinges on the engineering design which will be approved by both Russian and Chinese parties. The negotiations are being conducted now. There is an agreement to continue our discussions at the second Eastern economic forum in September”, – Borisov said.

The bridge will contribute to creating of transport and logistic hubs outside of Yakutsk. The left bank of the Lena river is the place where three federal routes, several big republic roads and the railway road are put together, and we have the international airport and the sea port on the right bank.

To deliver goods to the right bank of the Lena river is more diffucult than before as we plan to increase turnover of goods. We need this bridge for the reason as well that we are aimed to start the development of fields which are hard to access, and to get the matter through delivery of goods to the Northern territories (Egor Borisov)

“The bridge is not the magic pill for our goods delivery, but it can significantly simplify our work with it. Our year-round continious supply has no access to 60% of the territory of republic, and there is no alternative to the Northern Supply Haul. Putting the bridge into operation we can provide the year-round continuous supply to 20% of the inaccessible areas”, – the head of Yakutia concluded.



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