‘A man of the world’ Andrey Ponkratov to show Yakutian healers


The shooting team of the TV channel “My planet” arrived to Yakutsk. According to the producer Tatiana Tertyshnikova, the crew will stay in Yakutsk one week and shoot the episode of the programme “A man of the world”, in which the TV presenter Andrey Ponkratov experience methods of traditional medicine. 

“The project has the operating name “Person faking illness”. We will drive about republic and experience the traditional methods of treatment of shamans, folk healers, herbalists”, – the producer mentioned.

The crew arrived here for the first time ever and showed a special interest for the life of the region: “We heard about your diamonds, your hospitality, and that the temperature drops to minus 50 here. We intend to go deeper and know more about your republic. It’s seems odd to me that we go abroad as we have such spectacular places in Russia”. 

“We hope that local people will help us to shoot a splendid episode. The snow fell here yesterday, as I know. Though, we won’t meet your famous evil mosquitoes as our friends in Moscow made us afraid of them”, – Tatiana Tertyshnikova said.

Andrey Ponkratov, having visited different countries, learned a lot about the culture and life of the people – he tastes food, fits traditional clothes, experiences traditional activitities. The TV presenter makes all of it with humor and genuine interest.



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