Head of Yakutia mapped out the strategy till 2030 year


Egor Borisov has signed a number of documents, one of which is the decree “On the strategic directions on improvement of the quality of life of the population of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)”. It is a specification of the key objectives of development of the region, which should be considered in the Strategy-2030.

The undeniable novelty in the determination of the strategy lies in implementation of a brand new economic policy, according to the newspaper “Yakutia”. It’s about further development of the industry as well as the platforming for growing income into the budget of the republic and creating conditions for rapid growth of local production. It should result in 50 thousand new workplaces in Yakutia, including not less than 25 thousand ones – in the domestic market.

Let us recall that Egor Borisov announced the implementation of the Strategy on social and economic issues of Yakutia in his last year’s message to the State Duma (Il Tumen).

In addition, the decree implies total modernization of the infrastructure “on new technical and organizational basis”, including the full replacement of failing social-oriented objects, housing improvements in rural areas as well, maintaining of transport accessibility and reliable heat and power supply service, as mentioned in the newspaper.

Among the priority tasks of the Strategy-2030 are support and development of civil initiatives, equal interaction of state and society.The most ambitious overall performance for improving the quality of life in accordance with the decree include increase in life expectancy to 77 years and the growth of real income twice the level of 2015.

According to the decree, the Strategy itself must be submitted for consideration to the head of the republic by 1 January 2017.



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