“Great Northern Way”: German Arbugaev went on a trip on catamaran in Arctic


A seven-day expedition on a sailing catamaran from Tiksi to Chokurdakh, having been organized for shooting a movie “Great Northern Way”, was completed on 25 August. German Arbugaev, a CEO of the Arctic Travel company, told us about this expedition and unexpected circumstances.

The expedition project “Great Northern Way” includes seven northern regions of Russia: Arkhangelsk region, Nenets and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Yakutia, Chukotka and Kamchatka.

How did the expedition start? 

–  We moved to Tiksi on August 1. Our team included me, a captain Stanislav Berezkin, a film director Leonid Kruglov and a cameraman Vladimir FilippovExpedition equipment and a catamaran have already been delivered there. We started on 15 August. The ice situation was very complicated this year, so we had to wait until the ice floe would go away. Anyway, we met target date. 

 – Why did you choose the route Tiksi – Chokurdakh?

 – The idea was to partially follow trails of Russian explorers and navigators. The basis for our route was a Semen Dezhnev’s way. We didn’t aim to do it as like as two peas. Somewhere we followed the trail of Dezhnev, or Dmitry and Khariton Laptev. 

– Have your ever planned to go on a trip like this?

 – Last year I began to discuss similar ideas and met the captain Stanislav Berezkin from Novosibirsk. Later I met a traveller and film director Leonid Kruglov. Our plans were alike, as he wanted to show a life of polar regions nowadays. And we decided to realize this project.

– What did you mark at this trip? 

There was a storm, and the waves slightly knocked down our catamaran. We decided to stay in a village. We left our boat at the shore and went away. It was a low tide, and catamaran was onshore. The water’s edge was 300 meters long, but we were lucky, because my friends helped us a lot in this village.

 – When will the movie “The Great Northern Way” appear on the screen?

 – The shooting crew is in Chukotka now. The last thing they need to do for the film is to shoot some scenes in Dezhnev’s cape. According to Leonid, the film may on appear on the screen towards the end of this year, or next year.  



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