Unique Medicogenetic center was established in Yakutsk


New Medicogenetic center was established in Yakutsk on 8 September. Its specialists are planning to do research of newborns on 30 genetic disorders, the Head of Russian society of Medical Genetics Vera Ijevskaya said.

 “Genome analysis technique is already used in Yakutia. Federal programs are executed – newborn screening, screening of pregnant on fetal congenital anomalies. Major attention is paid to the hereditary diseases, which are typical for Yakutia”, – Vera Ijevskaya said. 

According to federal program, all children in Russia are screening on 5 hereditary pathologies. This program is made to identify diseases acerbation and to prescribe a treatment in time. This center is planning extension of screening up to 30 diseases in 2017″, – she mentioned.

 She highlighted another advantages of this center.A lot of effective medicaments require genetic testing in case of treatment’s prescription. We can control effectiveness of cancer treatments, transplantation of organs and tissues and their compatibility”.

 Vera Ijevskaya advised not to ignore such medicogenetic center. “Everyone has various deleterious mutation. Some specific pathologies have more spread there than in other districts as 1 type spinocerebellar ataxy. Due to this fact people must know their genetic problems, if they want to give a birth for healthy child”, – she concluded. 

3000 patients, 2000 pregnant women, patients from the hospital and consulting departments have medicogenetic consultation every year.  More than 7000 patients had DNA diagnostics with polymerase chain reaction method (PCR), PCR “in real time” method and sequence analysis method.



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