“Under the sun of Siberia”: Semen Lukansi to exhibit his paintings in Reykjavik


The Yakutia born, Moscow based artist Semen Lukansi will host his solo exhibitions “Under the sun of Siberia” and “The People of the North” at the Russian Cinema and Theater Festival “The Amur Autumn” in Blagoveshensk and  at the International Assembly “Arctic Circle” in Reykjavik.

Semen told YSIA about his spectacular plans in September and October. 

It was Maria Shishigina-Palsson who suggested me to host the exhibiton “The People of the North” at the International Assembly “Arctic Circle” in Reykjavik. She is from Iceland. I doubtlessly agreed. I was asked to exhibit some paintings about North. So, I will present 6 paintings there, “White Dance” and some northern views. Most of brushworks were 2-meters long, so I decided to make author copies, reducing them 2 or 3 times, but keeping stylization.

I started to work immediately. It’s easy to get inspired, when somebody offers such interesting projects. I began to learn new drawing techniques and develop new ideas. This process gives me the passion for work.

I guess I changed my approach to creativity. It happened when I gave lessons in my Art School in Yakutsk. I started to rethink my art. Now I am trying to do my best and work in same manner of drawing and in same concept.  Furthermore, I feel much inspiration and always create something interesting in autumn.



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