Photographer Sergey Karpukhin: Yakutia’s Kisilyah mountains boggled my imagination


Russian photographer Sergey Karpukhin narrates his adventures and shows his breathtaking photos in his Livejournal blog. Furthermore, he took photos of Yakutia, which he visited several times. Kisilyah mountains, located on lower course of Indigirka river, impressed him most.

Photo expedition lasted about 2 months. Sergei Karpukhin chose very extreme way and traveled on a snowmobile.

“Kisilyah is the natural phenomenon which was made by wind, water and variations of temperature. These mountains can be compared with man-made Moai statues in Easter Island”, – he mentioned.

Karpukhin learned of unique landscape objects from researches of Yakutian biologist Alexander Krivoshapkin-Dersu. The scientist caught sight of mountains during deer aerial survey a few years ago, he named them “sendrunskie kekury” after the river flowing here.

“What I have seen has surpassed all most courageous expectations. This is something incredible, it’s real wonder of the nature made from granite. Separate isolated hills have expressive forms and for this reason you don’t need special imagination, because some certain images appear at once”

Adventure is a part of the author project “Unknown landscapes of the World. Yakutia”. Sergey visited a legendary lake Labynkur and another unknown places in Yakutia, rafted down the Lena and Indigirka river. Check all his photos and notes in his author blog.

Karpukhin got money for adventure at crowdfunding resource He has estimated it at 700 thousand rubles, but he managed to collect just over 200 thousand rubles.



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