State Duma Elections 2016: Yakutia’s voter turnout rate is 47.89%


State Duma Elections are over in Russia. According to the preliminary data, voter turnout rate was estimated at 47.89 percent in Yakutia, as Anatoly Krivoshapkin, a Yakutia’s Chair of Central Electoral Commission (CEC), reported.

The United Russia party leads as it got 46.23 percent of votes. The Just Russia party achieved 16.93 percent, Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) – 14.54 percent, The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia – 9.02 percent. The rest parties didn’t clear the 5 percent barrier for entry to the State Duma.

Voting for the candidate from the single-member district reveals the following data: the acting Duma member Fedot Tumusov (acting for Just Russia) got 41.03%, Oleg Tarasov – 18.86%, Petr Ammosov – 15.13%, Gavril Parakhin – 5.95%.

18 September State Duma Elections had a mixed system: voting for the parties and candidates from the single-member district (first-past-the-post system). 811 polls were opened in Yakutia, 620 thousand people were added in voter list. More than 6,5 thousand people voted preschedule.



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