Where 25% of Russian Diamonds Come From: Yakutia’s Malykai village


Malykai is the village in Nyurba district in Yakutia (Russian region). Population is about 2000 people. This settlement is one of remotest from district’s administrative center. Few people know that Malykai is the place, where 25% of all Russian diamonds come from.

The diamond story of the village began in the middle of 90s. Nakyn kimberlite field, one of the largest diamond fields in Yakutia, is located in Bordon subdistrict, which center is Malykai. Geological survey expedition explored a diamond pipe in 1994 and called it ‘Botuobinskaya’. In January 1994 the ‘Nyrbinskaya’ diamond pipe was found. Both pipes turned out to be rich with high-quality diamonds. Nowadays they are mined by open method.



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