‘Peace and quiet’ State Duma Elections in Yakutia: No voter fraud was detected


No voter fraud was detected at the State Duma elections on 18 September in the region, according to Ekaterina Kladkina, a member of the Central Electoral Commission of Yakutia. 

“No voter fraud was detected at the State Duma elections on 18 September in the region”, – Ekaterina Kladkina said. 

According to Alexander Nogovitsin, the secretary of the Yakutsk regional division of the United Russia party, a political situation hasn’t changed: “The United Russia kept its leading position. 132 thousand voters supported the party at the Elections for State Assembly of Yakutia in 2013, we have 140 thousand voters this year. 78 percent of ballots checked all over Russia, 54 percent of voters selected our party”.

He noted that Yakutia tends to keep this direction, and for this reason it can get 2 mandates in the Russian State Duma for one United Russia’s candidate and one Just Russia’s candidate.

The republic takes the second place in Far Eastern Federal district (FEFD) in its voter turnout rate. 47.89 percent of Yakutians fulfiled their civic duty. Chukotka was a bit better, it has 59.35 percent of voters.

Olga Balabkina, the Deputy Chair of the State Assembly of Yakutia, didn’t doubt that United Russia will win“Now we are waiting of how deputies will be spread in the party list and we hope that we will have one mandate in the State Duma for our candidate”, – she added.



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