Heptyl under control: Rocket launching influence will be estimated


Chromatograph “Yauza Colour” is presented in National Center of Ecology’s Monitoring. This device allows scientist to discover of heptyl (high toxic propellent). According to Sakhamin Afanasiev, the Minister of Conservation, Yakutia is able to conduct a full range of researches, which allows to identify influences of aerospace activity on yakutian nature, using this device.

«Chromatograph «Yauza Colour» is intended to discover heptyl in water and soil. This is the most optimal device for soil, but as for water, he can identify only big concentration,” the acting metrologist of Center, Zarethan Kuzmina pointed out.

According to her, researches on heptyl will be conducted during each start.  Specialists of National Center select QC samples before and after. The main goal is to be convinced of dangerous substance’s lack in the soil and water.

“The peculiarity of heptyl is fast decomposing, that’s why our aim to find out his trace in natural habitat. We are being told about not using heptyl on “Soyuz” boosters, but we must verify this information. In case pollution, departments, which control rocket launching, have to take the appropriate measures,” she explains.

9 million dollars were allocated for acquisition of the chromatograph by the Government of Yakutia. Since the beginning of launching from the Vostochny spaceport, there is a need in the objective assessment of the rocket and space activities’ impact on the nature of the region. The new device has to play the significant role.



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