Where Russian Civil War Ended: Yakutia’s Abaga village


YSIA prepared new photo reportage under the special project “Travelling across Yakutia”. This time our correspondents visited the village of Abaga in Amga district.

The village of Abaga is located on the west bank of Amga river, 25 km away from the center of Amga district. The population is 1117 people (to 1 January 2016).

High spot in its history is the Amga Ice Siege. In commemoration of this event the monument to the hero of war Ivan Strod is established here. In 1923 the area of Sasil Sasi, 5 km from the village, was the place where the Red Guard squad under Ivan Strod’s command retained the defensive line in harsh northern conditions during 20 days. As the result, the White Guard was defeated. The siege itself got the name of the “Amga Ice Siege”.



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