The Mammoth Rush: Yakutia’s district administrations complain of license holders


Unsupervised collecting of mammoth tusks in Yakutia affect environmental safety that gives rise to concern of local administrations. Northern districts’s leaders intend to make proposals for republic government on this issue.

“Who takes control of collecting of mammoth tusks? It’s particularly topical for Abyisky district. Predatory washing-out with power pumps is used here. The entire near-shore area is ruined, rivers are low”, – the member of local administration claimed at the coordinational Arctic Council under the head of republic.

As Yakutia’s State Committee on Geology and Mineral Resources reported, there is no control of collecting of mammoth fauna items due to the federal law FZ-294. It implies that an area can be checked one time a 3-year period, while the license expires in 6 months. With that government agencies of Russia and district administrations have no right to supervise it.

45 mineral developers got 251 licenses for paleontological collecting in Yakutia in 2014. Last year 377 licenses were given to them.

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