Yakutia’s Prime Minister Galina Danchikova appointed to Alrosa


Yakutia’s Chair of Government Galina Danchikova was appointed Deputy Chair of Strategic Planning Committee in Alrosa Supervisory Board.

Decision was taken on the meeting of Strategic Planning Committee led by Sergey Barsukov, the head of department in Russia’s Ministry of Finance, in video conference mode on 27 September.

During the meeting members of Committee discussed issues on redrafted enactment of procurement, programs on innovative development and technological modernization till 2023, proposals based on audit check in 2015, long-term programs of Alrosa group’ development till 2023.

These questions will be considered in the Alrosa Supervisory Board.

The Strategic Planning Committee is aimed to assist Supervisory Board in solving difficult issues and making recommendations.

Alrosa Supervisory Board contains following members: the President of company Andrey Zharkov, the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, the Minister of Far East Development Alexander Galushka, the Adviser to the Head of Federal Property Agency Oleg Fedorov,  the Head of the Far East Development Fund Alexey Chekunkov and the director of the Financy ministry’s department Sergey Barsukov. Oleg Grinko (director on strategic communications in Sberejeniya and Investicii CJSC) and Pavel Ulianov (the head of the energetic division in the aluminium company “Rusal”) act as independent directors.

Yakutia’s representatives are: the Head of Yakutia Egor Borisov, the Chair of the Government Galina Danchikova, the CEO of the Republican investment company Petr Alexeev, the Minister of Land and Property Relations Evgeniya Grigorieva, the former Chairman of State Committee on Pricing Valentina Lemesheva. The first deputy head of Viluisky district Vasily Lukin is also included into the Board.

The main Alrosa shareholders are the Russian Federation (33%) and Yakutia (25% + 1 share). 8% shares refer to Yakutian districts. Free float is about 34%.




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