Egor Borisov: Star Wars saga is similar to Olonkho Epic


The film industry in Yakutia has been actively developed getting its support from the state – about 12 feature films are released every year. Head of republic Egor Borisov claimed it in the press-conference in Russian Today on 5 October.

According to Egor Borisov, two historic films are meant be released up to 2020, to the 100th anniversary of Yakut Soviet Socialist Republic. The first is Tygyn Darkhan, history of creation of Yakutian society, the second is “Constellation of Maria”, based on stories of Russian pioneers of Arctic travel.

Head of Republic also commented the idea about Star Wars to be translated to Yakut language. “Our Olonkhno epic is similar to Star Wars saga, as the heroes of epic also conduct battles in space. So, the young became interested. It feels right”, – he highlighted.



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