Semen Lukansi’s art impressed Iceland, China and Russia


During the month YSIA saw how Semen Lukansi traveled around the world, showed his paintings and had solo exhibitions in Blagoveshchensk, Harbin and Reykjavik. Yakutia born, Moscow based artist shared his impressions and plans in an interview.


I was very glad to exhibit my project “Under the sun of Siberia” at festival of theatre and cinema “Amur Autumn”. It started on 20 September and was opened by Sergei Novojilov, festival’s director. I exhibited 22 paintings, and had four as a gift. Common people as well as Moscow delegation of actors looked over my works. I gave a tour for cadets, actors, schoolchildren, got acquainted with great and talented people. My triptych, which I was asked to paint for winners of festival, was presented to the play “Friends”. It was directed by Julia Menshova.


I was included into the actor delegation from Russia together with Natalia Gvozdikova, Irina Shevchuk and others. It ran under the slogan of friendship of two empires. Liu Ming Xiu is a Chinese art patron and an owner of art gallery, who lives in Harbin and promotes Russian art. Sergei Novojilov introduced me to him, and we had a ceremonial giving of “Abakayada”. He liked it very much.


As soon as my exhibition “The people of the North” was opened, journalists came and wrote about it in Morgunblaðið, largest newspaper in Iceland. I guess it heightened people’s interest. Even the president of Iceland Gvudni Ioyhanneson saw my project! We talked to him a bit, and he wished my good luck. I demonstrated six paintings, all of them were sold out. I didn’t expect the Islanders to be interested in national art so much. A girl bought three paintings, a portrait of northern girl and two landscape paintings, all at once.

I was willing to go to Iceland, and my dream came true. It’s very unusual land in all things. Undoubtedly, this trip inspired me to paint more works. I felt northern breath there, land was breathing and smoking. It was similar to northern districts of Yakutia, and these landscapes were familiar to me.


It was in Blagoveshensk. Every evening we met with the participants of the festival in some restaurant, talked to each other. And one time I heard: Semen, I wonder how many people work for you? It’s impossible to paint so much, someone helps you”. I was shocked! But that’s true, many people think that I have managers, producers or ghost who paints for me. I replied that I worked alone, but was trying to promote my art and got as many friend as I could. And I have an art critic Elizaveta Jurova, who makes great annotations for my paintings.


I have a feeling that it’s just a start! Such trips often inspire me to strain a point. I’m planning to paint some portraits of members of Russian art community. It’s supposed to be the project devoted to the elder generation of art people. I talked to some of them at the Amur Autumn Festival.

Besides, I’m looking forward to start painting some works in northern theme for my exhibition in Shenyang. It is to be hosted next year.



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