Training center in Yakutia’s Aldan is aimed at foreign Olympic teams


Training center in Yakutia’s Aldan is aimed to become a meeting place for foreign Olympic athletes. It’s notable that time zone, height above sea level, conditions of living and training are similar to Korea and China, where next Olympic Games will be held.

“The center is nice because everything is at the arm’s length. Just wake up, go outside and start skiing. Facilities are close to each other, including dining room, gym, lighted track”, Nikolai Ivanov, the director of the training center on winter sports, said.

The center is located on one of the town’s hills. Time zone and the height above sea level are very similar to ones where the Olympic Games will be held, so athletes who train here are pre-adapted to the conditions in Pyeongchang and Beijing.

Ivanov noted that Russian athletes as well as teams from China and Korea start to come to Aldan. “It is possible that other foreign teams will train here”, – said the director.

South Korea’s team has been training here in Aldan. The team is headed by 1988’s Olympic champion Mihail Devyatyarov.

It should be highlighted that before he won in Olympics-88 he was training in Aldan as part of Russian team. They succeeded and got 5 gold medals from 11 possible that time. The champion consider Aldan to play a significant role in this victory.

The total area of the training center is 6 hectares. Skiing run (10 km length) can serve about 1 thousand people a day, the hotel can accomodate 150 visitors.



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