Yakutia’s extreme: Santa Clauses went for a ride in cabriolet in -42°C


Yakutia’s young men dressed as Santa Clauses decided to congratulate everybody with New Year holiday and then danced in a central town square. It was particularly noted in the Vesti TV program “Frozen Russia” about subnormal temperatures in the country.

According to “Frozen Russia”, “To drive an open-top car in -42°C is possible only in Yakutsk: a group of young people dressed as Santa Clauses went for a ride, congratulated everybody with New year holiday, and danced in a central town square”.

YSIA news has managed to contact one of the authors of a New Year clip, famous Yakutian singer Ruslan Ochirov.

“We shot this video for ourselves but then decided to send it to Mobile Reporter on Russia One TV channel. It seems they have decided that our story is worth a look. Later we shot the second part of our ride, as we dropped upon the Japanese. So, there is more to come! We had fun, and foreigners were amazed that it’s not possible to bite an ice cream in such temperature, it just breaks off with a distinctive sound “, – Ruslan Ochirov told YSIA.



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