Yakutia has laid over 700 km of optical fiber


Fast fiber-optic broadband spreads across Yakutia. The republic laid over 700 km of the optical fiber in 2016. It has covered over 30 settlements. This work is to be continued, according to the Ministry of Communications. 

“31 settlements were connected to optical fiber in 2016. The length of the FOCL estimated at 721 km”, – the Minister of Communications Alexandr Borisov said in the annual report. 

Through concluded agreements late-stage lines covered Mirny, villages of Handyga, Ytyk-Kuel and Borogoncy.

Head of Ministry announced plans for 2017. He said that new optical fiber lines will be laid in Nijni Bestyah – Magadan, Nijni Kuranah – Olekminsk – Lensk – Mirny, Yakutsk – Berdigestyah – Viluisk – Verkhneviluisk, Tungulu – Buteidyah and Chernyshevsky – Aikhal – Udachny.

Over 75 settlements are connected to the FOCL as of December 2016. Its length estimated at 3821 km.






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