LADA Xray to have cold test in Yakutia


Another expedition of the project Dikari (“Savages”) starts from Tolyatti to Tiksi on 27 February. This race is dedicated to the 40th annivesary of an offroader Niva. 

An expedition leader Sergey Rodin said that Lada XRay is to go to Oymyakon, Niva reach Tiksi and come back in Togliatti. The total length of the route is 22000 km.

The expedition consists of three cars – Lada XRay and Vaz LADA 4×4 Bronto headed by Lada 4×4 Arktika. It is claimed that the cars haven’t been remade for an expedition, only equiped with gadgets for Arctic travel.

Crossover, taking part in the expedition, is originally equipped with the 122 engine 1.8 liter, manual transmission and disable function of stabilization system and anti-slip control.




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